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HIPAA for Caregivers provides ways to further pursue specific areas of interest.  We offer articles on these subjects:


    • HIPAA Hints – How caregivers can best approach HIPAA, to their benefit
    • Family Education – Helpful hints for families with loved ones experiencing mental health conditions
    • Advocacy – Information about HIPAA for Caregivers efforts to change policy
    • Personal Stories – Accounts from caregivers that others can learn from
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HIPAA Permits Doctors to Talk with Caregivers

HIPAA Permits Doctors to Talk with Caregivers

It’s a pretty common scenario. A family member contacts a treatment provider about a loved one with mental illness, only to be told, “I can’t speak with you – HIPAA prohibits it.” In reality, though, there are many ways HIPAA permits doctors to talk with caregivers.

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