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Education to Improve Communication

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HIPAA for Caregivers focuses on education to improve communication between caregivers and health care providers.  We tell you how to increase your chances of being able to talk with your loved one’s doctors. Our information aims to help you – family and friends who are supporting a loved one with mental health challenges.

Our website helps you in several ways.  We offer…

Privacy legislation facts to improve communication between you and your loved one’s care team

Two web pages focus federal privacy legislation – things that caregivers should know to improve communication.  We condensed and simplified documents from the United States Department of Health & Human Services to create this content.

First, the Home page lists five facts that are especially important to know during a mental health crisis.  A downloadable pdf is also available.

Second, the FAQs page expands on the facts from the home page.  And, the FAQs provide details on a lot of other privacy-related subjects as well.

Short History of HIPAA

For background, the HIPAA 101 web page gives a short history of HIPAA and related federal legislation.


Our Resources web page contains three main sections.

The first section presents the original source materials from the U. S. government that were used to for the Home and FAQs pages.

A second section lists information about privacy rules that various nonprofit organizations produced.  These nonprofits would all include mental health in their missions.

A third section offers links to pages from organizations that exist solely to help families like yours.  Most of these links will be about helping your loved one and your family, in general.

Regular articles containing further information

The Articles web page features articles of interest to you.  This page has several categories.

HIPAA Hints offers suggestions about how you can help doctors see that you benefit the patient.  Here again, the goal is to improve communication between yourself and the care team.

Family Education discusses broader subjects on improving and coping with the challenges you face.

Advocacy discusses activities that HIPAA for Caregivers engages in.  The focus is on improving communication between caregivers and care teams when mental health is involved.  This section will also include news about potential legislative changes in privacy rules. 

Personal Stories will tell how HIPAA has affected the lives of real people.  Some will be happy stories.  And, some will be sad.  Hopefully, together, they all form a clear picture of how HIPAA should be applied.

In the News highlights occasions when HIPAA for Caregivers makes the news.